Half-Day Classes


Introduction to Fly Fishing | 3 hours

If you’re new to the art of fly fishing, this class is the place to begin. We start with definitions and concepts, then discuss the aquatic food in a trout’s diet and the fishing flies that imitate those menu items. Your professional instructor and guide will take you step-by-step through all the basics.Through fun, hands-on exercises he’ll teach you to cast and present your fly to waiting trout on the still waters of our teaching pond. Your graduation exercise is to catch and gently release a live rainbow trout all on your own! No fishing license or previous fishing experience required.

$149/person, minimum 2
No fishing license required


Basic Casting | 3 hours

If you’re up to speed with the basics taught in our Introduction to Fly Fishing, then you’re ready to take the next step toward basic fly casting. We’ll begin by getting familiar with the equipment, then learning the role of each component and how they work together to enable you to effectively cast your line and fly. You will then participate in a hands-on clinic to learn the basics of the casting stroke. Learn to control loop size, shape and direction. We’ll then combine these skills to learn a variety of important casts, from the False Cast to the Delivery Cast, then into Straight-line and Slack-line casts. Finally, we’ll put it all together at the teaching pond to cast, hook, land and gently release a rainbow trout!

$149/person, minimum 2


Introduction to Lakes | 3 hours

The biggest trout in Washington State are found in lakes. This class will teach you how fly fishing in lakes is different than fishing in moving water and the special lines, techniques, flies and equipment that is required. Then we’ll “wader up” with fins and a float tube to catch and release a trout in our teaching pond.

$149/person, minimum 2

Essential River Casts .jpg

Advanced Casting | 3 hours

This class is designed for experienced fly fishers who have a handle on the basics and are eager to improve their success by presenting their fly effectively at any angle on the stream. Begin with fine-tuning your basic casting stroke, then learn the three most important river casts to dramatically increase your drag-free floats. Finally, combine these casts with line-management skills to effectively present your fly with the longest possible drag-free floats at any angle on the water.

$149/person, minimum 2

Intro to Spey casting  .JPG

Introduction to Spey Casting | 3 hours

Spey casting is simply a different way to load your rod and make extraordinarily long casts with almost no back cast. Aided with specially designed fly lines, spey casters can easily cast 70-100 feet! Learn the three principles and hands-on techniques for how to dramatically increase your casting skills by learning to cast a 2-handed spey rod, including the basic Spey cast, Switch Cast and Forward Spey. Then we’ll change direction to make the two basic fishing casts, the Snap-T and Double Spey. Once you have these under your belt, you’ll be ready to fish on any water. All equipment and gear is provided.

$149/person, minimum 2

Airborn Anchor Spey Casts.JPG

Advanced Spey Casting | 3 hours

Most Spey casters learn the Snap-T and the Double Spey and call it good. Serious spey casters invest the time to learn the full spectrum of casts to reach extraordinary distances and present their fly effectively in the most challenging of situations. This class will put you well on your way to becoming an accomplished spey caster by introducing a variety of advanced casts to your arsenal, including learning how to single-handedly spay cast for trout with a 9-ft rod. All equipment is provided.

$149/person, minimum 2