Let's get your feet wet.  So to speak.

Getting one-on-one instruction is the best way to learn the art of fly fishing. All ages are welcome in our classes: no experience is necessary and all equipment is provided. NWFFA will help you become the best fly fisher you can be.

If you’re new to our sport, our Introduction to Fly Fishing lesson is the place to start. In just 3 hours, NWFFA owner Doug Pendleton will take you step-by-step through all the basics. And get this: you’ll catch a rainbow trout in your very first lesson.  We guarantee it!

For those of you with a little more time or fly fishing experience, check out our Learn to Fly Fish in a Day or Full Day Combo, where you can learn to fly fish and experience guided fishing all in a single day.

If you plan on being in the area for a few days, consider registering for our 2-day Fly Fishing School, offered exclusively in conjunction with our lodging partners. These are complete fly fishing vacation packages. Call for details. 


Introduction to Fly Fishing


A fun, hands-on introduction to the art of fly fishing. We cover a variety of topics including concepts, definitions, flies and the aquatic food in a trout’s diet. We’ll teach you how to cast a fly line and present your fly to waiting fish on the still waters of a trout pond.  Your “graduation exercise” is to catch (and gently release) a live rainbow trout all on your own. We guarantee it!

Course length: 3 hours
Group size: 2 person minimum
Cost: $149/adult

Learn to Fly Fish in a Day


Our Full Day lesson builds on the basic information and skills learned in the half-day class, but also introduces you to the three essential casts you need to know in order to successfully fish the moving water of rivers and streams.  Learning these casts and knowing when to use them – along with proper line management techniques – will start you down the road to becoming a successful independent angler.  Also included is a free 1-hour seminar on aquatic insects: important information for the serious student of fly fishing. 

Course length: 7-8 hours
Group size: 2 person minimum
Cost: $295/person


To make our lessons and guided fishing even more accessible, we offer a 20% discount (per person) for groups of 4 or more adults, as well as a 50% youth discount for 2 or more youth (under 18 yrs) accompanied by 2 full-fare adults.  
Discounts apply for all lessons and Full Day Combo package.



Full Day Combo


This option is perfect for when time is limited but you still want to experience the “whole enchilada” of fly fishing. Your day begins with Introduction to Fly Fishing (see above) to introduce you to the basics.  After lunch, we go "live" by heading to a local stream or lake with your guide to try your hand at catching wild fish all on your own. This package is the best way to discover the world of fly fishing in a single day!


Course length: 7-8 hours
Group size: 2 person minimum
Cost: $324/person