The following is information to help you best prepare for your upcoming class or guided fishing trip.  Pay close attention to any items you should bring or have with you when you arrive.


What's included?

  • The knowledge and expertise of an experienced, professional instructor and licensed fishing guide.
  • All fishing equipment and gear (rods, reels, lines)
  • All fishing tackle (leaders, tippet, etc.) and flies
  • Use of raft (for guided fishing, if appropriate)

What should I bring?

For Private Lessons, please bring:

  • Appropriate outdoor clothing (extra layers, jacket, etc.)
  • Hat & sunglasses (polarized preferred) are required.
  • Lunch, beverages and snacks.
  • Sun screen/lip balm
  • Any medications needed during the day

In addition, Guided Fishing participants should also bring:

  • Current WA state fishing license (if you are fishing for steelhead, you will need a Columbia River Salmon/Steelhead Endorsement as well) which can be purchased HERE.  If you are less than 10 days out from the trip, a temporary fishing license can be purchased online and printed at any time prior to departure.
  • Wading gear (a limited inventory of waders, boots, belts and staffs are available for rent - ask for details).
  • Mobile phone in a waterproof case or zip-lock bag.
  • Wallet and ID (both in a zip-lock bag).
  • Camera (if desired) that is water resistant or has a waterproof case.
  • The guide boat will have a cooler for storing your lunch, as well as extra bottled water and snacks.


Can I purchase my lunch when I get there?

Your lunch (including beverages and snacks) should be prepared and with you when you when you arrive for your lesson or guided trip departure.  If you would like to purchase a lunch, we highly recommend the deli at Dan's Market in Leavenworth (1329 U.S. Hwy 2, Leavenworth, WA.  Open 5am-10pm) – we think they have the best sandwiches for the best price in town.  For lessons in Plain or at Mountain Springs Lodge, a lunch may be purchased locally but options can be limited.


What will the weather be like?

This, of course, is impossible to predict.  As with any outdoor activity in the Pacific Northwest, plan to come prepared for changing weather conditions during our day on (or near) the water.  Around here that generally means extra layers.  Weather conditions for the Leavenworth and Plain areas can be found HERE.


Will my cell phone work?

Many locations where we teach and fish have cell reception; some have no reception (which may be a good thing if you're looking to disconnect).  Your actual reception quality will depend on which service provider you use and our specific location at any given time throughout the day.


What if I have a medical condition or need to take medication during a lesson or guided trip?

For medical emergency contact and insurance purposes, all NWFFA participants are required to agree our Service and Assumption of Risk Agreement prior to the commencement of the lesson or guided fishing trip.  All medical information will be kept in strict confidence and will only be released to authorized medical personnel in the cast of emergency.  For your convenience, the full text of our agreement and liability can be found at the bottom of the Reservations page (there is a button for confirming your agreement in the registration form).


What about tipping?

Of course, gratuities are completely at your discretion based on the quality of your experience.  As with other service-based industries, tips are standard in the fly fishing industry and are sincerely appreciated by our  instructors and guides who rely on tips as part of their compensation.  For those unfamiliar with expectations for tipping in the fly fishing world, here are some general guidelines:

  • Half-day lesson - $30/person
  • Full day lesson – $50/person
  • Full day: Lesson + Guided Fishing – $50/person
  • Half-day of guided fishing - $35/person
  • Full day of guided fishing - $50/person
  • Overnight Packages – $100/person

As a matter of convenience, most of our clients prefer to take care of all money matters – including tips – ahead of time.  For this reason, the suggested amounts above are included in the invoice we e-mail to you in advance.  If you would prefer to handle the tip separately, no problem: tips should be given directly to the instructor or guide at the conclusion of the lesson or fishing trip, in cash.  We often find that satisfied clients choose to tip additional the amounts for exceptional service.  We sincerely appreciate your generosity.


Do I need to arrange transportation?

Transportation to and from lessons and guided fishing is not included.  There is no charge for parking.  For guided fishing, your guide will arrange to meet you at a pre-arranged location.  Clients can save extra costs by using their own vehicle for shuttles.  Note that for some locations, a WA State vehicle pass is required.  A day or annual WA State Discover Pass can be purchased HERE and printed out as late as the day of the lesson/trip.


Should I purchase trip insurance?

Fly fishing is a sport where angling success is predictably unpredictable. Obviously, no one can guarantee how many fish you’ll land or how big they’ll be – that’s why they call it “fishing” and not “catching.” Fly fishing is an outdoor activity where environmental conditions (weather and water conditions) can be unpredictable and change without notice, causing some or all planned activities to be rescheduled or cancelled altogether. NWFFA is not able to refund payments due to unfavorable environmental conditions, unsatisfactory angling success, personal decisions, illness; natural or personal emergencies; we therefore urge booked clients to consider purchasing trip insurance to protect their payments in the event a booked trip or lesson is cancelled.